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91 rxl peoblems

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I have a 91 rxl and have two problems.

1. How much oil should i be going through. I have to fill the tank every time i get gas. I have checked the cable and the two marks line up down by the pump. What else could it be.

2. I just put on DG triple pipes and a efi chip. What clutch weights would anyone reccomend? I ha been told to use 10M White weights (46 gram) those seem light???
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first off, welcome to the forum. second, how many miles are you getting to a tank? and from an outomotive perspective, any blue smoke when you put a load to the sled, under acceleration, etc. if your gettin blue smoke, time to change those rings, and you might as well think about frensining the top end up. also when you pull the plugs, what color are they?or maybe your getting too much oil, ill check farther into it

one more thing, how many miles you got on that 91? has it ever been rebuilt? if so, how ling ago, or how many milles since freshning?

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i do not know exactly how many miles i get per tank. i know it is average though as i refill when everyone else does. there is some blue smoke when i start it up and run it. i checked the two markings by the oil pump and it was off by about a 3/8 inch (richer) i set it to the correct setting. Last year i took the heads off and replaced the gaskets and just checked out everything. there is 3000 miles on the sled. i also replaced the seal between the clutch and the motor block. i think it is called the crank seal??? Compression in all 3 is 125. I have checked plugs and they a little on the black side. MY old exhaust also was black. IT was cracked so i figure some oil was going in there. Maybe the combination of new pipes, and adjusting the oil pump that 3/8th inch will solve my problem. Still I need to find out how much oil i should be going through.
according to the manual if your insulators are black/wet it indicates excessive oil, or use of non reccomended injection oil. exsessive idiling, idle too low or rich. my guess is if you reset your pump like you said(cable) id go from there and see what happens, my be that your pump wasnt adjusted properly. i know 3/8 of an inch doesnt seem like much, but it may be the problem. anyways, summer sucks, everyone tries to get their bugs worked out and we all wont exactly know if what we did worked until it SNOWS!!!

My 91 RXL will go through about a quart of oil for every 3-4 tanks of fuel.
On my 2000 Indy triumph, i go through about a quart of oil for every 12 gallons of gas (one tank) Thats about right where you should be in my opinion. that would compute out to a 50:1 mixture which is what most 2 stroke engines use...if you think it may be too much, just think about it this will have more lubrication in there, causing less wear and a longer living engine. I would rather spend a couple bucks on a quart of oil than a new engine.
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