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"92" 650 RXL (need advice)

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Bought this sled for my son, Ran alright at first, but now it wants to dog out after it gets warmed up, (5 mi. or so). THe plugs look good, the s/p wires connections are good. He stops , then it runs fine for another mi. or 2. Then it dogs down again. It starts good warm, hot, or cold. There seems to be a little coolant leak in front comming from the head gasket. It's my guess, that maybe when it warms up, it also leaks slightly into a cylinder, causing rough run. I just don't know what to think. I hate the thought of putting too much more money into this sled. What's some of you people's thoughts. I would really appreciate some input. THANKS!!!!
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Here is the possible prob. On my 92 xcr the same thing was happening, at first i thought it was my cdi box getting heated up, but it turns out that some levers in my carbs were worn out. When the sled warmed up, the (levers as i call them) that the throttle cable pulled up on would slip

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RXL - check the battery. Always go with a new one every year.
RXL's are notorious for burning down if you thinkthat your getting coolant or water in the cylinder you ought to check it out or you may have a burn down that could cost a lot more than fixing a cracked head or something. I don't know if you checked or not but the EFI box will light up if there is sensor that is bad so you may want to check that next time it runs poorly. Hope you get it fixed!!!

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