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Its not too bad. Your sled should only have 2 drivers on the driveshaft so you should have enough room to tilt the driveshaft out of the way and get the track off and not have to remove the entire chaincase, just the cover and gears/chain on the mag side.

If you have a reverse chain case, there is a little extra going on under the cover, but still not too bad.

My very first snowmobile wrenching project was a track swap on my 1990 Indy trail like 7 years ago. It went just fine. Take your time, put parts/hardware into labeled baggies as you go or even take pictures of the dissassembley with a digital camera so you know how to put everything back together.

Putting the skid back in can be tricky if you've never done it before. However, it's still just 4 bolts that hold it in. A method that I still use is ratchet straps to pull the suspension into compression slightly until the distance between the pivot arm mounts matches the mounting hole dimension on the tunnel. Then use something elevate the rear of the sled, mount the front pivot arm with bolts, then gradually lower the rear until the rear pivot arm lines up with the tunnel mounting holes.

You might also want to pick up a Clymer manual. They make one for polaris sled from the early 90's.
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