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I have ridden this fourwheeler since I could stand up, my parents decided to give it to me because they didnt want to put any money into it. The engine was rebuild about 3 years ago after it lost compression... It has only been to the shop once for a rebuild, a truely flawless machine, but its starting to get a little groggy, take a long time to warm up and run good but the top end still doesnt put out like it used to.

I am planning on tearing into it a little this summer cleaning carbs, but do you have and reccomendations on performance parts or mods/fixes for it?

the tranny is also a liuttle unstable, in high (its a PVT) it kicks out sometimes if you got to fast or spin the tires, probly from plowing with it...i have adjusted the bar so it says in most of the time but the other gears are all off, should i tear it down and replace the gearbox/tranny? know where to getr a new one? cost?

thanks, sorry bout the long post, its gonna be a big restoration project, will post some pics soon too....
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