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i have a young man that works for me once in a while, he has a 92 indy 500. i am putting on a new drive clutch if we cant rebuild the old one(he hit it with a hammer) than rebuild the secondary, freshen up the shocks. basically the machine is going to be gone completely over and then he wants to sell it.

i think i can get the zr done before i have to do that one. all the zr needs is a good carb cleaning and all other minor mainenantce. it has one small problem that mostly is in the carbs but it kinda acts like a scored cylender, but i doubt it, it has new plastic ac skis, studs, only 2000 miles. than the guy want me to sell that one also.
i like doing that kind of sled work. i dont want to spend my winter doing sled work instead of riding.

nothing goes like three holes!!!!!!!
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