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93' XLT won't start reliably!!!

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93 XLT Special, with only 1000 miles on it. It's started everytime until one night. I put new plugs in it, 9R's and the thing just won't turn over. It eventually floods out. I had it running once by removing the plugs, then pulling to clear the cylinders. I put the plugs back in and after 5 minutes, she started. Ran it for an hour, the next day it's dead. Any help would be appreciated!

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Check your choke and throttle cables to make sure none of them are stuck and are opperateing correctly. Also make sure they're synced.

When was the last time the carbs were cleaned? If its been a while then definately clean them.

XLT's hate to be choked, believe me, I know...I have one.

Choke on full for cold start
As soon as it starts, shut that choke off quick!
If it starts to die when you shut it off, flip it on for a quick sec, then back off or you'll flood it for sure.

Good luck.

1997 XLT SP 600
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with my 93 xlt sp, i had the same troubles, erick told me to pull the 10 mm. bolts under the exhaust on the bottom front of the motor (crankcase drains) it may be possible that you have gas in the cylinders, take them out, remove the plugs and let your sled sit over night. them put it all back togather, and see if that helps you out. its true, my xlt hates to be chocked, i only use half choke to start, and as soon as it fires up, flip that choke off. oh and before you pull the crancase drains, shut off your gas. and on mine, i turn the gas off when i let it sit overnight, this may help for you also...........good luck.
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