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94 formula 583 plug fouling

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i have a 1994 formula z 583 that has a right side cylinder plug fouling out i have been told to check gas,primer button,and get a hotter plug.the plug seems to foul out after a rough trail ride after you turn off the machine and start it .does any one have any ideas.?????? thank you.

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Is your plug fouling at idle or during normal riding? Also read through some of the other forums that deal with starting problems, carb problems, etc. There is some good advice there that you will probably be able to cross reference to your machine.
Primer cirquit may be stuck on that carb!

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if i understand what your saying, i would check your floats and needle valve for that cylinders carb.

You are saying that it runs fine while riding a rough trail, then you shut it off, and when you come back to it and try to start it, that plug is fouled out.

If this is what you are saying, i would guess during that rough trail riding, one of your floats are getting partially stuck, and allowing too much fuel to get into that cylinder, flooding it out and causing the plug to foul.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
id say dirt in the float needle seat, or it is worn letting fuel by flooding the engine on restart, ill just about bet this is your problem.

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