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Hello all.

I plan on upgrading to a faster newer machine maybe next year or so but....i want to increase the top end on this sled.

I am new to aftermarket tweaking and performance increaseing and was wondering what i could do to increase the top spead of this sled so i can keep up with my buddies on there qicker sleds.
THe sled is a '94 AC PAnther 440f single carb, all stock.

I could either add a second carb which would also include adding a new air box to accomodate the second carb. Or I suupose i could put a larger carb on? It now has a VM34 carb. Maybe im asking for trouble in this department.

What are some other things i can do?
I guess gearing is an option, how does that work? smaller lower gear, faster? Which gear does everyone normally change upper or lower or sometimes both.

Would clutch work give me anymore top end or just get me there faster?

I know this sled is certainly not a performance machine and probaly not worth bothering with but it only has 2000miles and works well and in very good condition and I just want to see what options i had to increase the top speed.

I am not sure what the top speed of this machine should be? Now it seems to top out at about 65mph.

Any tips would be helpfull to this newbie.

'89 AC Wildcat 650
soon to be sold because wife says i don't need two sleds and she wants to ride with me
so im stuck with the Panther DLX 2-up 440 for now.
Here is the sled im talking about...

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Now don't take this the wrong way, but unless your buddies are riding 2-ups as well, you are never going to keep up. IMO

As long as you don't mess with it, that motor should last forever.

Take it from a guy who has spent entirely too much money trying to make a sled something other than what it was designed to be.

Try to appreciate it for what it is. A cruiser.

My guess is that she's not going with you every time you ride, so get something that will keep up, and break out the Panther when she goes.

My wife doesn't even want to go, but I still have more than 1 sled.

It's an addiction. (Oh wait,that was another thread)
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