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I have a stupid question, but I need help.

94 vmax 600 dx, how the heck do you get the plastic securing nut off of the choke lever on the dash panel??? it wont come off with the choke lever either up or down and I need to pull the carbs with the choke cables attached.

I feel like an a$$ but I cant get the damn thing off. A case of busch light for a successful answer, a case of Heineken for a video.

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Can you push out the pin that holds the choke lever on?
you have to orient the lever about half way between full and half choke and it will clear the lock ring. fiddle with it and you will get it. reverse procedure when your ready to put it back.

busch light is better for target practice than drinking.
Got it, the 1/2 choke trick worked.

Bush Light at the range sounds pretty good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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