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Hi Yall,
I got a 1995 polairs xlt 600 and it doesnt seem to run right as it should. I did some work to it when i bought it replaced carb boots,went through carbs, new fuel etc. So i bought this sled this year so i havent got a chance to rip on it. But im noticing its not running on all 3 cylinders, at first when it starts you can hear it kick in but as soon you rev it up lets say 4,000-4,500 rpms when the clutch engages for a slip second you can hear it kick out. also the rpms will creep down to 1,500-2,000 rpms and almost die. Latley i drove it in the yard just to loosen everything up and it seem fine no bog what so every. But you can tell the 3 cylinder is not fireing!
Anyhelp is appreciated!
Thanks, Schute
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