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95 Radiator change

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Anyone know what's involved with changing the front rad to the back of the tunnel? Any help much appreciated. Thanks Mark in Ontario
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what exactly are you changing?? the one that sits in front of the driveshaft?? and you want to put it in the rear of the tunnel?
You want to move the heat exchanger from the front of the tunnel (by the driveshaft" to the back of the tunnel?

Um... why?

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Polaris makes a rad for the rear of the tunnel. It is a 2-piece design with a u tube connecting them together. The seat is molded around the coolant hoses feeding the rad. This works in conjuction with the front rad. If you are having problems with studs, I'd solve that problem before trying to relocate. There are great stud protectors out there. I have ridden Polaris sleds for 12 years, always studded the track, and never lost the front rad - knock on wood!!
Yeah, if you want to move it because of studs, I would just take it out and get the one that RXLRIDER said. If you do this, you will have to get a new seat, and reroute some hoses which isn't really as easy as it sounds. I have both on my sled and 144 studs. So far in my life I have never seen a stud go througha cooler.

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Yea guys. I put in some new studs and the dealer siad they're the right size......ooops guess what????he was wrong. GO FIGURE!!! Did all that work and I couldn't even turn my track because the flippin studs we're too long. 95's can't put too long of a stud in. Catchen the front rad. So you guys are sayin I have to change the seat also?????? Whew!
what size are your lugs on that track? another alternative would be to take them back out and exchange for shorter studs, that is if your dealer would exchange them, alot of time putting them in just to find you may have to go with shorter studs, but may work out for the better in the long run.
When mountain riders switch out to a 2" track, they need to relocate the drive shaft to allow clearance in the front. You could look in to this as well. Check with hi-performance engeneering for their rolled chaincase kit. This may help you increase clearance problems.
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