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95 XLT SP???? Please reply!!!!!

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Hey guys what do ya think about a 95 XLT sp?? Put some triple pipes for sure and a good clutch kit?? worth anything? Think it would be a good sled?? I like to do hi performance trail riding and a good drag now and then is all good. And I love powder!!! How would this sled perform??? Thanks alow Guys!!
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Everything I have read about the 95 XLT special has been positive. If you can find one that hasnt been beaten to shit like the one I almost bought, i'd get one. Its a great looking sled, and it is also got some crazy suspension travel.

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I think it is a good all around sled?

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I have a 1995 XLT Special. DG pipe, 96 studs, Ultimax 2 belt, 1'' track. It runs perfect and is a tremendous output for a 600. If there was one sled that was worth the money, this is it!!!!!!

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