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96 600 xcr sp/ crankshaft bearing problem pto side

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I looking at a 96 600 xcr sp, I also have a 1997 680 ultra spx se, my friend says the 600 is known to have the crankshaft bearing on the pto side of motor go bad, because there's no oil passage on that bearing is this true, the sled I am looking has 2,300 miles and the people have never had a problem. Jeff
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I don't think it has had anymore trouble than the 680. The spx was a triple pipe machine too, made more power but they didn't have much trouble.

Shouldn't be a problem. This is the first I've heard of anything.

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Wrong motor.... The problems were with the monoblock motors like in the XLT or white xcr. I have an Ultra Sp and an SPX and these case reed inducted motors are very reliable motors.

'96 Ultra Sp
'97 SPX
This motor is not immune to the PTO bearing problems. Check between 96 and 97 motors and notice the direct oil line added to the 97. If these motors are modded or clutches are not kept in good shape, expect reduced life from crank.
a friend of mine just bought a white '96 xcr, I hope he doesn't have any trouble with it , it is in very nice shape with 2200 miles on it.
You guys have me wondering if I bought a lemon my 96 600 XCR is in very good condition other than a few maintanance items should I get rid of it?
For you guys with monoblock 600cc motors, spray a little starting fluid on the PTO crank seal while the sled is running. if the rpms suddenly increase, you have a bad seal and it needs to be replaced before you have a costly motor problem. If you do have to open the motor up, drill out the PTO oiling passage in the top half of the case. the hole should be enlarged to the same size as the other oiling holes.

'96 Ultra Sp
'97 SPX
I had a 96' XCR 600, and the crank went bad in mine about 3500 miles. I ended up finding a used one for $400, and that doesn't include labor costs. You can get a new one from the dealer for a crazy $1000. For that money, i would rather have upgraded to another model. I fixed it and sold it right away, and ever since i have been afraid to drive it because it's a known defect. My advice is to save yourself a ton of money, and stay away from that particular model.
There are some lucky people out there, however, that never have any of these problems. Lucky indeed!
I learned the hard way.
You guys are not listening to him. He is looking at a 1996 XCR 600 SP totally different sled then the normal XCR. The XCR SP is on the Agressive chasis instead of teh wedge. It is not a uni-block engine. Comes stock with triple pipes. I have this sled and we never had problems with that part. Though we had our gear case open a lot and replaced the oil fairly often cause when they installed the reverse they messed up. My dad made a special shim and now the reverse works perfect. Dumbass mechanics couldn't think of that. I will say this if you plan to race and win don't buy this sled. Its a giant anchor. It pulls nice and all rides pretty good. But it doesn't get very good gas mileage and is just a big lead sinker. 540lbs dry weight come on man BEAST! I plan to get rid of mine next season. Am gonna try to replace it with a Cat 600.
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