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This is lysne's sled and he's buyin a newer one so this one is for sale.
This thing is almost all stock. The only things that I know of that have been changed are the plastic ski's and maybe the 1.75 track. Im not exactly sure what size track it had to start with.
This sled is of course the s-2000 chassis and is heavy but can and will still perform great
The motor is a 583 and anyone thats ever had one will agree its one of the most bullet proof motors ever made
Im not exactly sure how many miles are on it(in the 3000 erea I think) but just ask lysne if you need to know
lysne wants about $1600 for it so let us know if you are interested

this thing would be an incredible beginner sled for a new comer to our sport and will never let you down with the bullet proof 583
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