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96 XCR 600 triple

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I own a 1996 XCR and i was just wondering what would be some good products to buy to boost the horsepower a little bit. I ain't looking to spend a fortune just some ideas. thanks
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Well, I'm not sure what you consider expensive, but you could look into getting a set of pipes for it, which would definately boost your hp. You'd also have to rejet your carbs. Also a set of power domes would give you an increase. A clutch kit would be nice. It doesn't boost hp, but it does allow you to utilize the hp you have better. If you did all this, you'd definately need to pick your track as well. Just some ideas..........

1997 XLT SP 600
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pipes, rejet and clutch. From what I hear from the guys I rode with, who ride a couple different polaris's from the mid 90's, the pipes really made a huge difference. If you want to save some $$$ try getting a used set.

I need spellcheck!

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the mid 90s single pipe triples get big time gains from triple pipes. Makes sense now doesn't it? it is the same witht he Viper but the Viper runs hot with one pipe so 3 can be bad.
Last year, i also owned 96' XCR 600, and tripple pipes make a HUGE difference on that motor. It's anywhere between 15-25 hp added! Just a word of caution, that engine is known to have crankshaft failure, especially if you add any horsepower over stock!!! It happened to me. Even in stock form, a clutch kit helps a ton. I'd recommend doing that. On mine, i put on a 1" camoplast track and lightwieght plastic skis. It was a fun sled. Good luck!
Hey the triple pipes would be sweet but a new set is at least 600 and up unless you have a hook up or if you can get a set of used one si would reclutch it.
I added UFOs to my Ultra and after a week of tuning , what a difference. They are'nt that much money and you wont believe the boost in midrange power. It changed my power so much I had to recalibrate my clutches. I had to get used to the new power especially in the bush because if you roll on the gas just a little too hard, the skis are up and you are'nt turning. Snowtech mag. called them the best bang for the buck, and I agree.
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by Sled_Dog:

if it is a stock XCR simply Triple pipes


There is no such thing as to much snow. But there is such thing as to much exhaust. Keep your crap in the GARAGE peronal exp... :)
I had a 97' and what I found for starters was to add a thermostat to the 96'
then the carbs I set them up very simular to the ultra spx also check with
Erlandson Performance for there clutch kits I used the Pro series. The problem with the stock pipes is that they have to be hot before they start to
make power. They are a compomise set of pipes, they are the same as all
the triple triples of that line from polaris. From the 600 to the 800!
dont pipe it gear it down a couple notches and work on clutch tunning dont just by any aftermarket kit. I can make that thing pull and easy 108 in 1000' and the trail set up should pull an easy 100
none the less we could mop up the stock twins in trail form without a doubt
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