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'96 XCR 600 trouble

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I have a 96 xcr 600 and it is giving me a problem that I and many people can't seem to figure out. If you are idling or just barley moving and then pin it, it reves to 5000rpm and just starts bogging and just stays there. If I use the throtle gradually it doesn't give me any trouble. I have checked the carbs, clutches, tried a another cdi box, changed the head gasket, raised the needles, lowered the needles and the adjusted the airscrews. I changed the sparkplugs, caps and everything seems to work. I have spent alot of time with this problem and can't fix it. I am starting to think it is the stator but no one else agrees with me. Does anyone else have any idea what is wrong with my sled?

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did we think that porn would get this thread looked at more? It would actually be a lot better to put the problem in the thread or what it is. See around here we like to help ppl and don't need stuff like that to help.
Now do your lights dim at all when you peg it? Have you done a compression test? Does it ever run more than that RPMs? What if you do it from a dead stop or a higher speed? Have you played with the jetting?

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Many Polaris machines I work on have a problem with clutch alignment in both planes but mostly center to center distance. If the motor mounts are getting weak or broken or if the torque stop rubber is broken, missing or not set right then the engine moves toward the secondary clutch during hard acceleration. this throws off your ratios between the clutchs enough to give even a finely tuned motor a bit of a bog. But if everything checks out with the clutch alignment I would check carb sycronization. If one slide lifts even slightly ahead of the other then you get the dreaded bog.
I too get a bit of a bog from a stand still. I will usually take 2 seconds to even move some times. I'm running a '91 skidoo safari 377 Fan. Is that just lack or power, and that its a fan. Or is there something I can't do to minimize this?

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Sled head I dont know much about ski-doo. What RPM do you start to move at.

coba... I have a simple test I do to check the situation I told you about above. Its a little dangerous so be careful if you try it. Raise up the back of machine so you can safely run it in the air. Start the machine and warm things up. Apply partial brake enough to put a load on the engine. Nail the throttle and watch the motor. It should barely move. While it is in the air try nailing it with no brake too. Is the bog gone or less in the air under no load.
I think hotrod is on the right track. In my experiance the most neglected components on a sled are the clutches. I would just add one more point. If the alignment doesn't help I would pull the secondary apart, clean it, look for broken/woren buttons and check the preload.
my cousin's worked over ZR 700 does this too. We decided after a lot of testing it is probably the primary clutch spring. They are gonna replace it soon. It ran great the whole time my uncle ran it then my cousin gets on it at the grass drags. He lines up gets his revs up the flag drops he hammers down and it like bogs. You can really see it. For like the first 10 feet off the line it just sort of goes then suddenlly it just lifts the skis and takes off like a bat out of hell.
Good point XRL8. I think the spring could cause this situation because if its weak then the secondary will open too fast which also lets the clutchs get out of ratio.
Well i had the same problem with my xlt this winter. I drove it to school, and it ran just fine. On the way home it just wouldn't run right, bog and and it was like a plug was out. changed all plugs still like that. couldn't figure it out. checked clutches, cleaned, tried again still like that. Then when i was out testing, i put a different belt on, and the problem was fixed. it did not bog once. so that was my problem. bad belt, so try a diffent belt, it might be the problem

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