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I just picked up a 96 ZRT 600 with a 7?? big bore kit in it. Kid said the mag side cylinder was blowing out coolant so he took the head off and put a new set of o-rings in it, but it still did it. I called the guy that did the big bore kit and found out that he sleeved the cylinders and he said that there is a chance that the sleeves slid down. I took the heads off and removed the O-rings. The mag side outer one was smashed flat along the exhaust side of the jug (nice install meathead!!), so I removed all 3 heads - other 2 that were done by someone else were fine. I measured the distance from the top of the jug to the top of the sleeve with a feeler guage and found the PTO sleeve is .035 lower, the middle one is .020 lower and the mag side is .028 lower. Is it ok that they are that low, and the only issue with the bad install of the O-rings? Should the sleeves be flush with the top of the jug? Any help is much appreciated. I will post pics of it later...going to stealth this one out...I love sleepers, although the DG might give away that its a triple!!
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