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Ohhhh.. I snow checked an Ultra SPX SE and rued every day since I "sold" it - gave it away actually.
I was able to find another- decent shape locally. It's now in my shop.
3400 miles - people have said to rebuild the water pump between 3 and 4K miles.
I have the pipes off for fresh paint and a terrible, terrible exhaust leaks
You never have appreciation how much oil 2 strokes use, untill the exhaust blows all over in side the hood

Many critical parts as o-rings are unavailable. Some of the parts look like they need to be pressed on...may be beyond my skill set.....
Factory unit part # is 3085271
Ebay has complete pumps "NEW For POLARIS 96-03 XCR 600 SP 700 800 ULTRA 780 WATER PUMP ASSEMBLY". Yet when I look up compatability it says it'll fit an SPX, but not an SPX SE??. And isn't the only difference between the SPX & the SE the dash with fuel and temp gauges? No difference with the motor? A Polaris triple 700 should be a Polaris 700 triple, no??

Sure could use help - now is the time to repalce with the pipes off and hate like HELL to blow this up after waiting 25 years to get my dream sled back....

Listing says 20 available. Don't wanna drag my feet too long and not be able to get a new one.

Buy used?? I only saw one with "900 miles" but do you ever know??
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