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98 7 rmk clutch problems

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Well, my dad's 98 700 rmk is having some clutch problems, it doesn't disengage (when it idles, it keeps moving, slowly) and it won't accelerate well, it's like it's stuck in high gear, thanks.

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thanks? anyway try lubing it and if it continues try hitting the choke just a little. May knock the RPMs down.
Knock the rmps down? It only idles around 800 RPM and it's moving, slowly. I guess I should have told you about that.

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800 rpms and still moving. Ok nm your right the clutch isn't disengaging. Sorry Ic an't help. I am not good with clutching.
Sounds like your belt deflection is off. If you've got the cam on your secondary closed too far, the belt rides too high, therefore making it too tight, so the sled moves when idling.

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P-man is right-on the money on this one. Did your dad just put a new belt on because belt deflection shouldn't change drastically by its self. Had a primary clutch spring break before which could also cause this.
Also, check to see if the spring in the primary clutch is broken or just in bad shape. You may need to take it out just to see the entire spring. They usually break near the ends.

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Theres one other thing you might want to check, pull the clutch apart and see if the brass bushing s are ok. I've had them work they'reway out and jam up, causing them to act similar to what you are describing. Good luck.
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