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2 sleds and trailer for sale, all in excellent shape. Here are the descriptions, pics will be up in the next couple days.

98 Mountain Max (RED):

2300 miles (I'll check for exact mileage)
V-Force 3 reeds
136" Camoplast track 1.5" lugs (perfect)
New hifax (replaced end of last year)
Newer carbides (replaced end of last year)
Carbs cleaned end of last season
2" bar riser
Like new belt (less than 100 miles)
Replaced headlight with Sylvania Silverstar (stock wattage, much better)
Spare belt-excellent cond.

Cosmetic imperfections: One small tear in seat (next to taillight, hardly noticeable). Couple scratches in the hood (nothing major). That's all the major stuff I can think of minus usual wearables for a 9+ year old sled.

All around great snowmobile, starts easily and runs great.

$1750 OBO.

99 Phazer (white):

3300 miles (I'll check for exact mileage)
Hifax replaced end of last season
SRX plastic skis with newer carbides (end of last year, maybe 200 miles on them total)
Carbs cleaned end of last year
Newer belt (>100 miles)
Sylvania Silverstar headlight (stock wattage, much brighter)
Spare belt-excellent cond.

Cosmetic imperfections: One small scrape in the hood. Recently noticed a slight bend in the left trailing arm (does NOT affect performance of the sled at all, half way up the arm).

Very reliable sled, never given me a problem. Starts easily and is fun to ride, just ask my wife who wants to upgrade to the 07 phazer. Very quick for a 485 fanny.

$1600 OBO

03 Sled Bed Aluminum Trailer

101" x 10 ft.
Comes with salt shield, stud mats, ski guides and two tie downs
2-holes for each tie down depending on where you want the sled.
Shock assist (keeps bed tilted up when loading)
Spare tire
Torsion axles with easy lube hubs (just repacked/re-greased yesterday)

Great trailer, pulls straight and true, very light.

$950 OBO

Selling mine and my wife's setup since we'll be upgrading next year to four strokes and an enclosed trailer. Wife fell in love with the '07 phazer and I've been eyeing a Warrior for some time. No disappointments, everything works and everything is in excellent condition. Pictures will be posted within the next several days. Any questions feel free to send a PM or email to:

[email protected]

Thanks for looking!
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