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hey guys, brand new member here. I am also new to this sled, it is an inherited sled and needs some serious tlc.
2 years ago my uncle was out riding, and shot a clutch “arm” through the belly pan, and then rode it to the trailer 30 miles away. So i know it needs a clutch, but with the balance being off would it have hammered my piston rings and cylinder walls?

i basically got this for free and know im going to have to put some money into it. I want a mountain sled, ive rode this before it was destroyed and it is defiantly not up to the standard of my previous sleds.

So my other questions are;
How can i get its nose off the ground and sit taller?
Is there a bore kit where i can squeeze out a few more cc’s?
What experience do any of you guys have on these sleds for “mods” to shed weight or some grunt to the engine?

I am not a newb by any means, my last sled was a 98 polaris indy 700xc, with cheater heads, fliped reeds, boost tube, aftermarket pistons, tunnel and skid extension to a 144, fox floats, 2 1/2 track and other goodies. I just do not have the knowledge of artic cats or the riding group i used to that did. So anything from whats parts from other models swap over to anything would be appreciated :icon_smilie_surrend

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OK, ready for this?

I bet that bottom end took a beating from that 30 mile ride. If you are keeping the stock powerplant, I's be doing a crank up rebuild. No point in spending money on performance parts if the crank is gonna fail. So, new or rebuilt crank, line bore the cases, and new piston kits are mandatory. You can also look at swapping out for more power. 800/900's are a popular swap and need nothing more than motor/electrical/carbs/exhaust and new motor mounts to work. The bulkheads are the same as later 1M sleds. In fact, you can basically swap in and out any motor from '93 to '06 believe it or not.(Does not include laydown motors found in Firecats)

Engine: EFI or Carb?
Carb - D&D or Speedwerx are the shops you wanna get a hold of for bigbores, pipes, heads, and porting. These things were DOGS when stock. More than likely, you'll have to phone each respective shop. These motors were retired from their websites quite a few years ago. But go ahead and check, just in case. I'd also add Cutler Performance to the list of shops to call. Never know what someone has laying around just waiting to be scooped up in a good deal.
EFI - Computer chips were bad. Might as well start with a transplant motor.(See above about 800/900's)

Front - Swap out for a front end off of a 1M sled, or if you want a wide front end, a '00 or '01 Snopro front end is the ticket. Throw your a-arms, spindles, and skis in the "For Sale" bin and bolt on any of the above. I prefer the 05-06 KingCat front ends with ACT shocks and Ti springs or Fox Floats. Lighter, better designed, sharper turning, more clearance, more travel, better in every way. Also buy some decent skis for it. SLP SLT or Powder Pro's are the ski of choice for this chassis. Trail riders like the Simmons Gen I ski.
Rear - Take out that 70lb skid and replace it with pretty much anything. Polaris skids were a popular swap, or find a newer('03+) Cat skid. Literally, any skid will work. You may have to space the arms and find some longer bolts depending on what it came out of. Your tunnel is 17" wide, so a M-Series skid will need spacers to fit. But it sounds like that shouldn't be a problem for you to figure out. I like any Polaris or Cat skid from '03 and up. Ski-Doo and Yamaha skids were too heavy up until a few years ago.

Chassis -
I'm gonna touch on a few things only.

Gas tank is a monster. Find a tank off of a 1M(little less capacity) but it's a lot narrower and easier on the knees.

Also, the steering hoop could use some serious re-enforcement. Steering post should be mounted on the front side of the steering hoop, moving the handlebars forward.
Depending on which motor option you go with, you'll probably need a bent steering post. You can bend the stock one yourself but that weakens it, not recommended. wwildchild(on the Snowest forums) and CR Racing make posts for you. Cheap, easy, one of the first mods people do with these chassis'

Seat, stock sucks. When upgrading gas tanks, upgrade the seat. Lots of used Boss seats for sale. Also some DIY options. There are some other options too, but usually only found in new condition from the original vendors. WRP(Wasatch Recreational products) makes a nice seat tho.

Kick that old light and gas rack off the back and junk them too. If you want a rear light, there are way better, smaller, and lighter options.

Since we are at the back of the sled, the tunnel cap is the most hideous and backwards engineered part ever to grace a mountain sled. Seriously, the thing acts like a big anchor in deep snow. Either cut, trim, or replace with something else. I'm a fan of bending up some aluminum sheeting and running that. Of course there are options that you can buy.

Running boards, stock sucks. WRP makes some sweet running board re-enforcements that opens up the running board at the same time, helping in snow evacuation. There are other brands as well. XXXModRods also has a set I believe would work.

Working a little further forward, dropping and rolling the chaincase would be a great idea. Stock, you can only fit a notched 2" track under the sled. A slight drop n roll that let's you run a 2" or even a 2.25" track would make this sled work 10x better in deep snow.

So, after all of that, you aren't left with much of a 2000 Powder Special anymore. Price it out, see if it's worthwhile. You can probably find a 2003+ Mountain 600 for less than what you will have into this sled. And be 3/4 of the way to having all of the parts I've mentioned, already come on the sled stock. Don't forget to remove all foam and ditch the speedo if you keep the stock hood set-up.(Another fun fact, ANY hood/bellypan combo from '98 to '06(minus Firecats/M-Series) will bolt right up to your bulkhead.

As you can see, the Powder Specials were really just glorified trail sleds. Cat shit the bed for a long time when it came to building us Westerners a real mountain sled.

Good luck in however you see fit.

The sleds in the pictures could have easily started out as your sled.

First one was a '99 Snopro. Has a '94 ZR700 motor in it.
2nd one is a '02 Mountain Cat 800 with a Polaris tank and seat. Among other things.
3rd is a '99 Snopro again. Has a '06 M7 suspension bolted onto '09 M8 rails. Also has a '05 Kingcat suspension on the front.

If this is a project, and you have time to sift thru website swapmeet areas, you can piece together the sled over time. If you want to ride it with minimal wrenching, sell it and look for something newer.


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