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98 XC 600 that didn't want to start warm

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I have a 98 XC 600 with 1500 miles I just purchased and rode for the first time. Actually this is my first sled. After a fun run in shitty snow approx. 20 miles, I turned the sled off and after about two minutes when I restarted it-it ran for a few seconds and then died. It did this about 3 times and then I couldn't get it started.. Put in new gas before I left. Changed the plugs when it wouldn't start... What else could it be? Did I just shut it down to soon and it loaded up the carbs and flooded it or what? It started 24 hours later on the 2nd pull. Is this going to be a normal happening or is there some advice I need to hear.. thanks rl

Robert J. Longthorne

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Do you have aftermarket triple pipes?
Sounds like you flooded your engine, then 24 hours later the fuel settled to the crank and then it fired up again. It could be very rich jetting, especially in warm weather. Just my first thought.

OH, isn't a 98' the 600 twin?
Well now I got it running just great in the morning and by the time it warmed up-- it started backfiring and dying. If you hold/wiggle the CDI box, which is mounted on top of the airbox, that completely affects the situation. Simply touching the CDI box will kill the motor. The dealer/mechanic didn't have time to check it but said that was his best guess. Does this sound legit?? The box is supposedly around $200. Anybody else ever have to replace a CDI box??? They shouldn't die!!! Yes-it is a twin and it has no aftermarket accessories whatsoever.

Robert J. Longthorne

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it could be electronic. We have a sled that runs for a minute or two till the electronics heat up then dies. You then have to let it cool or it won't restart. We are gona replace all the wiring. We already replaced the CDI the coil and the magneto. All of which were to no avail.
GREAT!! That sounds like my ailment- I sure hope I don't have to go through all of the wiring--can you say -For Sale- if that is the case?? Thanks Sled Dog/all for the info.

Robert J. Longthorne
one thing we have not as of yet fixed the problem. So I can't say that is the cause 100%
I hear you--the GREAT was supposed to be sarcastic--:) rl

Robert J. Longthorne
You are going to have a single black wire going to the CDI. This wire it what kills the engine when you turn the key or hit the kill switch. Try taking that wire off and testing the motor. If it runs with no problems, then you have a problem with the kill switch circuit. If there still is a problem, then take a look at the other cluster of wires that go to the magneto. They may be grounding out somewhere. Also check the connection for corrosion. Same holds true for the wires going to the coils.
Sounds like a faulty coil. Check the obvious if nothing is found, just bring it to a shop to have them test the coil.

"Meaningless Ride"
coil and cdi are the first things to check. Then the internal coil(mag) then wiring. Like I said we checked it all and feel it is probably the wiring.
Thank you all--This is the first time I have been in any "forum" on the i'net and every word helps-- I will be back this week to share the verdict with those that may be interested.....rl

Robert J. Longthorne
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