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98 XC600 that wouldn't start

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I was asking about 2 1/2 weeks ago if anyone had any thoughts on why my, new to me, 98 XC600 wouldn't keep running after warm up. Well the verdict is in-it was the CDI unit. Which as far as can tell must control spark-etc. or as I call it "the brain." Anyway my local shop did take a little more time than I had hoped but seeing that there is no snow, I am super impressed that the labor was only $25.00 which included trailering it out to some ditches and test riding it and fixing it "in the field." Too bad the CDI unit costs $200. Oh well- I asked Santa for snow and I think it is on the way---Go FARGO..... Thanks to all that responded before-rl

Robert J. Longthorne
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Glad to hear you got it fixed. Too bad it cost so much though, but isn't half of sledding spending money?

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LOL, you got that right. Like they say P-Man, if it aint broke, change stuff till it is! LMAO

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