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8700 to 9000 RPM is too many RPMs, that thing should max out at approx 8200 RPM. If it pulled better with the dayco belt, but still revved so high, I'd say go with that belt and a bit heavier weight, 1 or 2 grams more will bring your top RPM's down, and it would probably engage at a lower RPM too. So to get your engagement RPM's up, as you said you want, you should get a stiffer spring put in there.

Another option is to go with an aftermarket clutch kit from Hot Seat Performance or Erlandson Performance, they come with springs, engagement spacers, weights and a helix, and to my experience with people who have them and have used them, nothing but good results. The only down side is a little bit more gas is required, but you will notice a difference with a clutch kit.

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