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Skid is from a 98 EXT Triple, I upgraded to an 01 ZR skid.
Ryde FX shock's in good condition.
All bogie's have good bearing's.
Rear bogie's are from the 01 skid, because I wanted to keep the stock look on My 98.
Modified spring retainer's for easier installation.
Minor oxidation on the rail's, will clean up easily.
Could use some paint on the arm's, and spring's.
Aside from being faded, the hyfax are actually in pretty good shape.
I'm in S.E. Wisconsin.
$225.00 Shipped
I'm firm on that price.
I have this listed on Craig's List for $250.00
2010310171535354_13437.jpg 2010310171548745_13437.jpg
201031017165917_13437.jpg 2010310171617776_13437.jpg

I still own the donor sled, so getting the installation measurement's is No Problem.

P.M. Me if interested.

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