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'99 583 Formula Dlx electrical problems

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While trail riding yesterday I lost power to my hand warmers and my dash lights. Head light and tail light were still working, but the headlight was not as strong as it should be.

I traded sleds with my partner (my hands were freezing!) and he said that the power wasn't totally out, but was intermitant and not very strong. I would think that rules out a blown fuse.

Any ideas?


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Most likely a connection either loose or corroded. But the dash lights do go through the voltage regulator so it could be that.

Sounds like a broken connection or faulty ground somewhere.
That seems to be the common consensus. I'm getting it trailered to my house this weekend so I can put it in the garage and give it a good once over. Hopefully it will be something fairly obvious!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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