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99 mxz 600 ideling problems

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o.k. here's my problem. I just bought a 99 mxz 600. The problem is that when I start it it idles fine, the minute I give it gas and the rpm's go above 3000 it will only drop to about 2500. I have done a compression test and it's fine. The only thing I can think of is that since it's canadian and I live in new york, that may ski-doo runs different size jets and due living in new york it would set it off. Please help I'm in desprite need.
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thats some dumbass reasoning to the question. Adjust the idle mixture screw and/or the idle adjuster screw. Nothing to do with jetting.

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Ok he is correct. Canada is Metric. and New York is english. I would go to your local dealer and tell him that you need english jets instead of the canadian metric..I am just kidding. try backing out your idle mixture screws a half turn

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I live 10 Miles from the Canadian border and I have a similar problem when I go to Canada. When I go 60 mph on my sled in the USA seems pretty fast, but 60 in Canada is much slower. Maybe it's the Canadian fuel.

But seriously, is your sled EFI? Clean your carbs, drain your bowls.

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