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Can anyone suggest jetting for warmer weather? I believe I have 185 mains and 136 pilots at moment. It's running very rich. I have brand new Vforce 3 reeds and a boost bottle.
I would install a Holtzman Tempa flow. I re-jetted my 2002 XCSP 600 from 430 stock main to a 420 main and it really helped to clean up the throttle response. I am tempted to get the Tempa flow by what I read about its reviews. Plus the XCSP is a gas hog and the Tempa Flow says up to a 10 to 20% improvement in fuel economy. Plus I enjoy riding in 25 to 35 degree weather and the benefits of not having to switch out the main jet with the Tempa Flow to improve performance in warm weather conditions. This weekend it is supposed to be in the low 30's and the 420 jets will be a bit rich at that temp. My son and I are planning on going on about a 100 mile trip. Most likely it will be our last chance for snowmobiling before spring comes.
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