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for all the do it yourself clutchers.
before clutching any sled of any brand first thing i would get is spring spec sheets from the dealer. and a wieght profile chart if they have one. then call a pipe maker and offer a 5 dollars for a dyno sheet of you model sled with what ever set up you have. now you have a sheet that says your engine wants these rpms and what springs will do what and what wieghts can you use. it is cheaper to do a little table top clutching and by edjucated guess parts than random chance parts. personally in my opinion all sleds are geared to high for almost all trail performance i would gear down a couple of steps and start clutching from there.

any one close to grantsburg wisconson or hinckley mn. can contact me and when the lakes are safe i will be glad to take anyone to the lake and help them make there own clutch kit or learn what things affect how the sled works. i can always use the practice and experience of different sleds and engine personalatys

nothing goes like three holes!!!!!!!
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