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A good day in snowmobile land

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No, we don't have any snow, but if we did I'd be prepared for it!
Took a sick day yesterday (cough, cough) and put on the new skis, fixed the sparking coil wire, drained the gas tank, fixed a ground wire to the taillight, and fixed the recoil starter.
So now rather than lumpy crappy idle at ~1000rpm I get a nice clean idle at ~2000rpm. Clean power off the line, no more crazy sparks under the hood. I can start with the recoil starter if the electric start fails, and I can STEER!! Before if somebody had gone in front of me I could follow, but I couldn't break trail for beans...
After I got all the work done I pulled it out of the shop and tried to start. Nothing. Now I was getting nervous. Then I remembered I had shut off the kill switch to keep it from starting while I worked on the recoil starter. Hit the kill switch back off and she started like a dream.
Now if my parts guy can get the headlight bulb for me I'll be mechanicly all set. Then all I need is to get a new hood or fix mine. Heck it'll stand up to some riding, it just dosn't look like much...
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Sweet deal always feels good to do something and see such good results right away!

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

founding member of the Arctic Cat Mind Control will believe!!​
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Right On , man!

Beware of landowners wielding snowshovels!
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