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a poll for yall

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would you rather have a twin or triple, what brand would you rather have w/ the engine choice?

I have never owned a triple, but i dont think the 600 triple AC makes is really worth it, i can see like the 1000 triple, but a 600? just alot of added weight i think. Yamaha seems to have the triple thing down pretty good for goin all triples this year (i think, im not sure, correct me if im wrong!!) AC should make the 1000 a twin i think, they make an 800 twin, and ive seen aftermarket engines like a 1010 that is only a twin. triples seem to have a reputation for more trouble and harder to maintain yourself.

What is your opinion about this?

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I would go for a twin. A Polaris 700 ev twin machine to be exact. I just love the Polaris 700 twin! I know, I may sound all Polaris this and Polaris that but this is what I believe. Polaris has been kinda the king when it comes to the 700 ever since they made it. It got the twin revolution going. It can take out the AC 700 zr, srx 700 is is no problem, the only real competition is ski-doo. But I believe, in the end, Polaris wins there too. This is like my dream engine, I wish I had one on display in my house just to look at!

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If i would choose a twin, it would be a Polaris 700/800 VES. If i had to choose a tripple, i would try a Yamaha 700. In my opinion, both these motors pull hard and fast and still maintain their reliability. Now don't get me wrong, all the manufacturers have great motors these days, this is just my choice.
I'll take a Polaris 600 twin. I am all about being simple and reliable. The fewer things to go wrong, the fewer will.

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I'll take a twin. I already have a triple but I like the feel of the twin a little better. I'm with you orange! thats a lot less parts moving at 10000 rpm waiting to blow
Personally I like my twin for trail rideing but there is nothing like a triple when you get on a lake. The triples seem to rev better than a twin seeing that the engine has a little less piston moveing to get the displacement. A friend of mine got the SRX 700 and he uses a lot less gas than most of us with our twins when we are rideing trails.
Last year I bought a new sled I was undecided as to whether I wanted a twin or tripple. I looked at the ZRT600,800, Thundercat, ZR800, ZL800. I really liked the TC, the sound of a quick reving tripple is awesome.
I was told the 800 twin was quicker than the ZRT800 and would stay with the TC till after the speedo hit 100. I was'nt sure if I liked the solid green of the ZR, I decided to go with the ZL800 which has electric start(no big deal it starts on the first pull) but it also has reverse(I like that option).
So after that story I guess you could say I'd go with the twin

Tripples or Twins oh my! I own a twin 600xc and this years snow check will be an 800xc I am impressed with the new polaris engine twin.

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OK as you might guess I like my big triple. Smooth power like an electric motor. But then I am 6'5" & 250# so it just makes sense. I don't mind the extra weight and it loves to stretch its legs across the lake. But I don't think you can go wrong with any manufacturer these days. A good tuner can make one out run the other guys I don't care which brand you buy.
As far as maintenance goes I don't think the triples are any worse than the twins. A/CGuy I have a buddy with a ZRT6 that was on the dyno at 152hp OK he's a catmaster mechanic but the baby triple can make some serious power.
Just my .02 cents.
if the triples were as light and handled as good, i would definetly get one. i've had three different triples, and loved the power in all of them.
a 97 formula III 600, then a 98, and now we still have a 99 formula III 800. that thing's power is through the roof with pipes and a silencer.

but in 2000 we got an MX Z special edition black one. that thing just handled so much better, and could be thrown around a lot easier. so for this reason i would have to get a twin. either a 700 or 800 MX Z, ridden them both, and loved 'em both.

right now we got two twins, 2000 MX Z 600 se, and a 2001 MX Z adrenaline 800. they look and run sweet.

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For the trails around here, I'd go with the twin.I ride with a guy that has an Ultra.It's a really sweet sled, but he's always low on gas.'Hey, man, ya got an etra gallon or two of gas I can get off ya?'
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