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My boss called me and asked if I could look at his buddies 2004 Polaris 500 for him(I believe it is a 500 I am not too knowledgeable about Polaris). He said his it sounded like there was a slapping in the clutch housing and the belt was ratcheting. I thought it was just going to be a blown belt. I took the cover off and the secondary clutch leading to the trans was stuck open. One of the three black allen screws on the center shaft of the clutch had worked its way out. The belt looked pretty burned up also from his son trying to ride it in this conditioned. I ended up getting a new belt which was $75. Then, I took the secondary clutch off and screwed the allen screw back in. Once I got the allen driver out of the screw the clutch slammed shut. (Sorry for the long description)

My question is how could the screw have work its way out, and what does it do? Will it work its way out again if I do not take the clutch apart and lock tight it? He said he took it out this weekend for some riding up in the northern part of MI and it did fine.

He also wants me to put in a new starter and pull rope for him. I figure the starter should be pretty easy no different then a yammi or a car. The pull rope looks like you need to take off the right side crank case cover to get to it? Will I need a crank case cover gasket also? I was thinking $200 would be a fair price to charge for the pull rode and starter? (the dealer quoted him $95 and hour)

Thanks for any help,
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