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ahh, isnt this a great sight??
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Whoa! * i scratch my eyes* Is that thing actually on snow!!! Need more, but right now, ANY snow is acceptable.

Let it snow!
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I had some of that. Then it got hot and rainy and not I have a pile... notice the dirt where his skags are?
well there is enough snow on the ground here in appleton wi for me to go ditch bangin! but now im pissed cuz my sled is back to doing what it was doing after replacing the coil grrrrrrrr so tomorrow im pulling the motor to see if something is wrong on the cylinder and ill probably rebuild the damn motor damn sleds. atleast i still have my 1980 tx-l its only a 340 but a very very fast 340

My wife said its me or my sleds... Im sure gonna miss her
what year is that xltman?

Ride Polaris!
Circa '93 dude!

I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS
AND BMAN IS THE WINNER, its a 1993 bad ass, 580cc's of triple POLARIS FURY just waitin to be unleashed!

"artic cat......had that for dinner the other night!"
Well, you can't unleash anything if the clouds don't unleash the snow. I wish I could unleash my sled but the hyfax would be gone in 5 miles.
Sweet sled, btw. Gotta love those XLT's!

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