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AAEN Pipes? Rpm range?

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Does anyone know where to find information on AAEN exhaust? I just picked up a XCR with the pipes on it and it revs up to about 9500+- rpm (wow!, I'm familiar with 8500 range )and was just looking for some general specs for maintenance.
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Aaen Performance
316 Sheridan Rd.
Racine, WI 53403
(262) 552-8981
Email: [email protected]

I found this, it might help. They also make the Olav Aaen tuning handbooks.

9500 rpm is a little steep, should be closer to 8900 +/- , is that an XCR 600?
Yeah, it's a '95 600 with clutch work and the carbs bored out. What would be some good tips to get the rpms back to a normal operating range? Does AAEN have a website?
I don't think they have a website, i couldn't find one. One way to lower rpm's is to buy new weights for the primary clutch, go up a size; maybe ( 1 gram ? ) or so. I'm not sure how much a difference that would make. There are many types and shapes of clutch weights. But, also remember heavier weights, in most cases, will also lower the clutch engagement rpm. If the engagement is too low for your liking, then buy a primary clutch spring with an increased spring rate to compensate for the added pressure on the sheaves. Springs are categorized by color. Hmm, i hope this is n't too confusing. Ironic, but an Olav Aaen Clutch Tuning Handbook would help you.
Thanks for the info. I checked the clutch spring yesterday and it has a orange spring, I think it has a lower spring rate. My next step is to call and get a tuning book.
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