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AC ZR600 EFI Stator Problems

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HAS anyone had problems with the stator on their AC I was riding mine and all the lights and electrical went out except for the EFI cause the machine still runs does anyone have any ideas what it could be
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you probably have a short circuit in your system some where. I would take it in and not f*** with it
Check the wiring under the seat. they sometimes wear through and short. does the sled run great except the lights{stators cause alot of performance woes} If it runs good look towards the voltage regulator.

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On an old Cat that I had there was a lighting coil. It went out and the only thing it affected were. the lights, it still ran great. I give your local Cat dealer a call and see what they might think is the problem.

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A buddy of mine has a 98 ZR 600 EFI and when his stator went out he lost everything. I don't think your problem is your stator. It does power the EFI system.

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on my cat the voltage regulator went bad and was dumping way to much power to the bulbs causing them to "fry" but the engine ran good just no lights, so id check the regulator, it was pretty cheap for my sled like 24 bucks, plus i had to change all my bulbs, pull your bulbs out and look at the filliment is it burned in two if so it is probally the regulator if the bulb looks ok id say check the wiring or lighting coil.

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