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I am looking to get a project sled and found 2 ext 580 EFI's one is a 94 with a rebuilt motor and new track, nice shape but it floods out when it gets warm. so it may need a computer or who knows, the guy has given up on it, but it runs good till it gets warm.
the other is a 96 580 EFI with reverse, also nice shape, not a clean as the 94 BUT IN GOOD SHAPE, this sled does not run it has low compression so it needs the top end refreshed. with this sled I can be pretty sure what it needs, at the lest rings, the most pistons and rings. this summer i would probably go over more of the engine but here in Ohio we may have 1 week or 4 weeks of snow left so I would want to get it running quickly so i would not pull the engine and do lower end now. both sleds are $600 which would you go for? the 96 is right down the street from me the other is about 1 hr.
I am leaning to the 96 or would you run from both??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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