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Electronics affiliate marketing worldwide rejoiced to learn that recently pioneered China supplier wholesale dropship, Chinavasion joined the list of the worlds largest affiliate network, Commission Junction.
Commission Junction is the Internet's largest third-party affiliate network and provides access to affiliated retailers, including Apple, Dell, Overstock, HP, Yahoo and Zappos.
According to Rose Li, PR manager for the company Chinavasion Wholesale China, this means affiliate marketers could talk about the biggest, most striking, the names online and still get paid a commission on the redirected traffic.
"Commission Junction intelligent allows affiliates to make money online while maintaining its credibility," according to Rose Li Chinavasion. "Chinavasion and Commission Junction are very similar in that regard."
According to Chinavasion's Rose Li's company wholesale dropship affiliates would affordable, reliable electronics to offer in place.
What's more is that, according to Rose Li Chinavasion, the company offers members wholesale dropship electronics much higher yields and available means of marketing.
According to Chinavasion's Rose Li the wholesale company in China provides an affiliate manager and a newsletter to members to ensure that members of the electronics you can get the best possible performance.
"Chinavasion is well known for its high quality items, its next-generation gadgets, fast shipment and prices of wholesale low," according to Rose Li Chinavasion. "Combine that with the rest of the top shelf traders that make up the marquee Commission Junction and has an unstoppable combination for the members."
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