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So anyone that's been around here since the beginning probably remembers I had a '97 XCR 440

In November of 2002 I got a brand new 2003 Pro X 600 and I had to sell my beloved XCR because I was 19 years old and couldn't afford two sleds at the time and really the XCR was only 6 years old and I didn't care much about it then.

Fast forward to 2015 and I suddenly wanted my red rocket back. Problem being they are very hard to find in half decent shape now. I know where my 1997 is, the guy who bought it from me in 2002 still has it and every year for 6 years I'd try to buy it back but I can't convince him to let it go. After he'd refuse I'd scour the web but the odd one that came up was either trashed or they wanted ridiculous money for them and they had a bunch of flaws. Sorry but if I'm paying close to $10,000 for a 20 year old machine it's gotta be almost perfect.

A month or so ago I finally achieved my goal. I got a 1998 XCR 440. It's not mint but it's not bent and wasn't crazy expensive and that's what matters. Can't wait to give it some TLC once harvest is over and get it out on the snow. I'm not giving up on my original 1997 though, I'm gonna try to buy it again... Haha

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Congratulations and my she looks sweet! I’d love to find a 97-98 super clean 440XCR👍
beautiful machine
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