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Alberta Snocross ?

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How's it goin out there? Anyways I was just wondering if anyone knows about any snocross tracks around Edmonton. I was thinking about building something just north of the city, and I wanted to get some feedback from fellow sled nuts in the area. So what do you think, should I build the biggest, baddest track in history right here in Alberta?
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Hats off to ya Chris. That's a good idea. Thought of it myself here in Ontario. Had the location and everything. Moto X in spring and summer, snowX in Winter. Insurance was the kicker. $500 per day. Ouch!!!!!!!!! If you can get some goood promoters and sponsers that's almost half the battle. Keep us posted and good luck. Mark
Sounds like fun. If I had my own sled and land and stuff i would definately do something like that.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
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