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Aluminum Trailers

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I don't want to start any brand bashing; I'm simply looking for input based on experience and/or knowledge.
I'm looking at 2-place aluminum trailers and want a new or near new one, but hate to spend mega bucks as I seldom have to trailer my sled very far.
I can buy a Triton XT-10 for about the same or slightly less than the same sized Sled Bed. Any advice or experience on these models?

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This won't cause any brand bashin, don't worry. Now on to trailers. I am not even sure of the ones we have, but they work pretty good. I will check it out for you.

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Aluminum doesn't rust like the metal trailers, and is a tad lighter, but really, if you take care of your trailer, the price of the Sled Bed is worth it. $300 more for aluminum? Hmmm. If you have it great. If not, doesn't really make a difference.

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my aluminum trailer was once a pop up camper trailer. Once all the crap on top was removed a beautiful aluminum trailer was left. It's great now I put on ski sliders and rubber for the track. It's 12', usually takes two sleds but can fit 3 on if needed.

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Don't buy a Karavan! I have a 4 place and will be the first one to bash it. ( hey but it's all I've got)
Tritons are Ok, Sled bed or Floe are better.

Just my 2cents

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I appreciate the 2 cents worth. I think the Karavan would get me by but I was more impressed with the Tritons and Sled Beds. I don't have a Floe dealer nearby, but have heard they are top notch.
Looks like I may get a deal on a 1 year old Sled Bed. If that falls through I'll probably go with Triton, since I can get a pretty decent price ($899 for 101"x10' aluminum).
Thanks & I'd love to hear more from others.

I have a 1995 triton lite 10' aluminum and it tows awesome. Super light and the torsion axle is the only way to go!! I bought it used for $650 with salt shield and a great set of ski guides and track mat already on it.
can I fit 3 sleds on a 10' trailer?

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fxd, I've seen guys do that, especially if one or more is a smaller sled. Put one on side ways, or all on side ways. But I think it may raise havoc with the tongue weight. I have a full size pick up, so when I have to haul 3, we horse one into the truck and haul 2. Much better.

With over 20 yrs repairing alluminum tralers and bodies,if they salt your roads,you mst make sure all steel is isolated from the aluminum.If the trailer is used look for white powder(ocsidation) under steel componits.
I wouldn't put three on the two by trailer. You will end up doing some tongue and or pop-up pin damage. The sled bed tracks very nice. I travel around 70 mph with mine and no sway at all.

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I've got a 10' sled bed trailer that i have had for approx. 4 years and couldn't be happier.I had a triton b-4 and they are good trailers also but i think that the sled bed is better built and pulls better.I usualy run 80-85 mph and you don't even know it's there, it don't sway around or bounce around at all.The suprising thing is that even when towing empty it don't bounce around much.good luck, rpm
I am not an expert at sledding or trailers - but just bought a 10' 2-place Aluminum trailer by SnoPro new for $1,100. I heard it was a good deal - from some friends so I bought it. Towed with it the other day with one sled and it was great in terms of no swaying and very quiet. Anyone else have a SnoPro or know anything about them?
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