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Another lesson learned that hard way. shit

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guys, i just want to say, becarful and think twice before ya fly. because my good friend just died last night with a machine. Also its just another lesson learned the hard way. His dad just bought a new XC 700. Had not ridden it yet. Last night got about 4 inches. Him and his son went out on the same sled. The father made it, but my friend didn't. My friend was just 16. Don't know why they would ride 2 up on that sled but... its too late now. I just posted this hopeing that maybe i could make a difference. Please think before you do something stupid.
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i'm really sorry about what happened to your friend, but like you said, if any good comes out of it let it be a lesson of caution for everyone out there. again, i send you my condolences.

it isn't a sport if you can't die doing it

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Hey man, I'm real sorry to hear about that, its going to be tough to deal with for a while. Condolences to you and your friends family. Hang tough.

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sorry to hear about the loss.
I have had a couple of snowmobiling deaths near my home, makes you think before you get on your sled!
Be careful and don't drive recklessly on the trails and put yourself and others in danger.
what exactly happened? You cannot learn if you don't know what happened....
Also, where did this take place?

i'm sorry to hear about your friend, like it has already been said, you have to think about what your doing before you do it, i see way too many youngsters pushing the limits on their sleds. sure i like to ride hard, but it is only when i know my surroundings. such a tragic loss, i feel bad for you and the family involved!
Sorry to hear about that man. Hope everyone is handling it ok.

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This is not good. Stick together and think twice before you ride. This doesn't need to happen as much as it does. And don't just think a thing like this could not happen to you, because it can.

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I never ride two up on a sled not designed for it and don't ride at night when I can. The drunks in the bars come out at night and most deaths occur at night too.
Sorry to hear the loss dude. Keep your chin up!

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hey guys i got the story a little straighter now. I went to the hospital to see the dad. He has a few broken ribs. But my friend was the one driving. the dad had just gotten that new 700. They were in the back yard. He opend it up and was going very fast. He hit a patch of ice and the sled went sideways. The dad flew off and landed on the ground. The kid flew off and hit a tree. when the dad woke up my friend was gone. So the dad went back to the house. My friend had some how made it back. My friend said he felt like he was sick, and collapsed. He died right there. Can't believe he is gone. Guess he couldn't handle the sled. He was used to a 98 XCF. Very sad, i would like to get his story out, so if anyone knows of a way i could do that, like joining a club or something, i would do it, please let me know if you have any ideas. My email is [email protected] thanks dudes

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I just wanted to say, that i appreciate the support. It makes me feel better!
you know, ive been thinking about what you have posted, and i noticed some things that i do all to often that seem fun at the time, but now i find could have went very bad for me. but the one thing i have seen on this site is even though we all have never met in person (or at least some of us) snowmobiliers all stick togather. and we are all here for each others time of need. i can be reached via msn messenger at [email protected], and will always have time to listen.
I do know how you feel xcr. I lost my brother in a motorcycle wreck this past summer, still having a rough time dealing with it. they say the pain gradually gets better but it will never leave there will always be an emty spot in my heart. Just remember to ride safe. Becuase you never know. I send all my condolences to you and his family. My prayers will be with you.

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