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Another New Guy, ProX mod

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Just started checking out this site that I found by accident. Looks like a great site, so I joined. Just wanted to say Whats up and introduce you to my ProX mod.

Here are the mods:
Ceramic Pipe, MBRP Can, VForce3 Reeds, TEAM Clutch, SLP High Air Flow air box, 136 X 1.5" Ripsaw



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Welsome to the forum! Nice sled, whats all been done to it?
Welcome! Nice looking pro-x.
Nice prox, whats done to the motor if anyhting? heres mine.


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Welcome to the site . Awesome looking sled as well .
Welcome to the site, so what mods have you done to your ProX besides the 136"?
welcome to the site, as mentioned before that is a nice looking sled. how do you like the SLP high flow air box?
welcome ,sweet sled looks good
Very nice sled, I really like the looks of the 136" track and the shorty seat.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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