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Any Exhaust flow experts.

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Hi , I have a set of very loud triple pipes for my 96 ultra. They are the kind with an indvidual glass packed silencer on each pipe and stingers after that. Whats everyones thoughts about adding another silencer or can of some kind in place of the stingers. I know they are tuned pipes and are supposed to be left the way they are but what if? Crave the power but not the noise.
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I dont know if playing with this is a good idea. If you add any more to your exhaust system, you are going to add more back pressure. The more back pressure the more heat, and that means a very good chance of burning it down when you least expect it. The only way I would even consider this was if I had a good set of pyrometers and watched them at all throttle positions. My advise would be sell those pipes and look for another set.
Thanks for the reply. I know your right, but since it is a second sled and Being from Canada any new Quiet pipes are around $1000.00. I probably wont modify these pipes but just wanted to see what peple thought. Ido have EGTs on the sled......Hmmmm
PSI modblaster II lake race pipes. The kind you want to plug your ears for when I go by.
Hot rod, When I had those Dyno Ports on my sled they would install new ends on the pipes that would fit into a stock Storm canoster. I called them and they sent me the stuff to weld them on to the ends of my pipes, cost me $50. and I have a Storm canister. I'm not sure if it would work on your pipes or not. The guys that did it at our shop had no problems whatsoever. One guy had a big bore 800 in his Ultra.

Right on. thanks runner Ill give PSI a call and see what they have . Did your DPs have the individual glass packs originally.
Yes, they did! The sled sounded like a funny car dragster. Your pipes are higher pitched and louder. If we can figure out if the stuff I have would work on your sled, I'd make you a good deal on it. I don't need it and it's just collecting dust out in the shed. Those DP's came together at the top and then went into the packsa nd out. My SLP's come together like the stock can and then go into a can and out together. Let me know what you find out,

At the end of each expansion chamber, they don't reduce down to a pipe. It stays at a larger diameter around 2 1/2 inches and about a foot long where the baffle and packing go. Then the stingers come out of those tubes, curve down, come together and out the bellypan.
Thanks for the offer. I will check around and let you know. Hotrod.
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