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anyone else have this problem?

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My 96 xcr keeps wearing the pull cord guides out, the rope cuts a groove mainly in the guide mounted on the brake caliper I thought it was the aftermarket rope I had installed so I replaced the rope and guides with a polaris part and the same thing happened over 1 weekend ride

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Do you have to pull it ALLOT to get it started?

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3 to 4 pulls cold 1 pull warm I've talked to other guys and this seems to be a common problem. any ideas?
I have never broken a rope or one of them guides. I'm confused.

are you using a cable instead of a rope??

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The rope cuts a groove in the guide to the point where it will stick in the groove when you start it. If you check with most dealers they stock the plastic guides I think the part needs to be improved. Any aftermarket parts available?
all the guides on my 600 are all coated metal never once broke a rope or had any problem with the guides

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I have a 95 with the exact same problem. I was thinking of getting the new one and taking some aluminum sheeting and lining it.
Strange. I also used to own a '96 XCR, but i never noticed any problems like this. Check the steel guide mounted on the caliper, it could have gotten spun around. It should face towards the front of the sled, it's possible it was mounted pointing towards the rear of the machine which could affect it. Just a thought. I almost made that mistake when reinstalling mine.

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the Viper does this as well. Ppl are having to replace them as soon as 1200 miles or less. It is a bad setup where the cord is guided around a spot and the guide is cutting in. Not sure of it on an XCR though.
i have a groove in my guide on my 93 xlt, i plan to take the rope out of it, then file the plastic, then put a bed of jb weld in there, it hasnt frayed my rope yet, but i think jb would be a smooth enough surface to let the rope glide over

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Thax to MegaMan I have the problem fixed I switched the plastic guide at the caliper steel bracket so the wide opening faced the front of the more wearing problem.Thax Guys!!!I think the factory screwed up I bought the sled from my neighbor and I know he didn't change it. Hope this helps other guys
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