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Hi guys,
I have 3 new cords that i don't need anymore if anyone has a use for them.These cords went to an HJC CL-14 helmet.The 3 cords are
1)small cord that plugs to the helmet.(male rca ends)
2)Longer cord that plugs to the helmet cord(spiral cord)
3)Battery power cord(male rca plug on one end and a possitive and negetive connectors on the other end)You could cut the male end off and put a female rca on this cord.Then all cords will connect from helmet to power source.

I see it if someone just ordered an electric shield + my cords you could save alot of money.Many people are talking about electric shields lately so I figured someone could use them.If anyone wants them I sell all 3 cheap for $13.00 witch includes shipping.
Take care,sparkyd31 [:)]
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