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Just an FYI for Cat riders whose sleds have APVs.
I have a 2001 ZL800 that I put 1,100 miles on last year. I'm on vacation and there is no snow so I was tinkering around with the sled. I decided to check the cable adjustment on the valves. Took the cover off the servo motor and noticed 1 of the cables was not even hooked to the motor. I opened up the covers and tried moving the valves by hand. I could barely move them. Pulled both out and they were totally gummed up with TAR. Tried oven cleaner as was suggested in an earlier post, it hardly touched the tar, Laquer thinner did the trick.
Last years APV oil Cat sold sucks!
I found out today from the owner of the shop I bought the sled from that the new Cat oil (full synthetic) is Amsoil, that's what I'll use for sure.
A gallon and a half of the old left I'll pump that through my old Cat.
If you have any of last years APV oil I'd stop using it and clean your valves.

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Actually I believe the new Cat oil is made by Castrol. I have heard this from multiple sources. You are right about the old cat oil sucking though, that stuff is terrible.

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