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can any one give me the basics of arctic cat zr 580 tuning... I recently took a 550 arctic cat courgar and changed to 580 tripple port cylinders, super torquer pipe , dg silencer and a set of 40 mm carbs... Ran real good with the 38 carbs a little slow on acceleration pretty zingy with the 49 deg helix ,seemed hard to pull the 57/50 deg helix... runs alot faster with the 40 mm carbs as long as i keep the rpms up kinda boggy from a stop I think the clutch engages too soon around 3000 rpm.. i have a yellow green in primay and i think the same in the secondary along with a 57/50 helix ... ALso 50.5 clutch weights..I set the carbs up from the arctic manual.. It has the correct needle as the manual says it shoud have..

What springs should i be using ?? and what rpm for engagements..? Correct helix..?Clutch weights? Basic Tuning info?? I dont want a lake racer but a good ditch banger...


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