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Hey guys, i posted on here almost a month ago about the ZRT 800 i got for $800 and didn't start. Well it turns out that the carbs were clogged and i cleaned them out [:D]... I did a little work to the sled, nothing crazy more cosmetic than anything but it looks a hell of a lot better than when i bought it. I painted the hood, changed the handlebars, new fuel line, and new exhaust pipes. This was my question. I started the sled today, took about 4-5 pulls, it has been sitting for about 2 weeks and si i figured it would start a little rough. Well i decided to pull the trailer out of the garage a bit so that the garage dosen't fill up with smoke and well this is the funny part, my sled kind of slid forward and off the trailer. i had the boots on the skis like a moron and forgot to take them off. My question is, since the sled was already half off, i decided to drive the rest of it off. It took the sled about 3500 to 4000 rpm to even move. Is this normal??? I drove Crotch Rockets 1000cc and 1300cc before and i know as soon as you pull even a little on the throttle, that thing goes. Is it different with a sled??? Should i be concerned? Is there something wrong with my throttle? and if so, can i adjust or fix the throttle. We are getting a crap load of snow here in chicago (6-10 inches) and i took all day off tomorrow for sledding. Let me know. Another question is: Is there anywhere I can buy the decals for my ZRT without going through Arctic Cat? They cost about $180 to buy all the decals for the hood through Arctic cat and I just want some cool looking decals to dress up the sled a bit.
Thanks Guys,

P.S. I will post pictures of the sled as soon as i get some. I have before and after pics...
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