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arcticwear clothes?

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im looking to buy a arcticwear jacket but cant find it anywhere everyone is sold out? why is this, do they only make so many? this is kinda weird i think, any ideas or comments? anybody know where i can get a nitro jacket "green" in size xxxl ? my local AC dealer says wait till next year!

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Well personally I would go with a different brand in the AC colors myself. The AC jackets are WAAAYY overpriced and not as good of quality as the other specialty companies. I have a FXR Factory Racing jacket in Cat colors and I love it!

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The Snow Shows in the fall usually have carry overs from the previous years. Also I'll check a source I have and let you know. Also I think you should get leather, 'cuz how many times have you heard cows complain about being cold!LOL

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