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Arctiva (Moose) Sled Wear??? Clothing????

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I'm in the market for some new gear. I haven't heard anything from true consumers on the Arctiva line from Moose. I really like the R2000 Jacket and Pants, but I am hesitant to order something with out much say.

Does anyone have anything Arctiva? Or know where to find something on it? Also what else is a decent clothing line for sledding? I would like to keep the budget around $400 for both pants and jacket. Breathability is a definet, along with functionality, and waterproofness.

Thanks for your help....



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Don't know about Activa, But Klim and Reima both make nice gear. I like the Klim stuff even though I wear an HJC Jacket and Snowboard bibs to ride in.

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I am planning to get the FXR Factory Race Jacket for sledding this year. I am an aggressive rider and tend to get too hot when really riding hard, so I feel this jacket will give me the flexibility I need.

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i ordered the new z1r line of clothing, but coat only, seems to be the same materials that arctiva uses. but the price was right cause i'll end up trashing it by the end of season. i also ordered a bieffe 3-snow sport helmet, have had good luck with them in the past.
I actually didn't know that Arctiva was made by Moose... never used any Arctiva gear but I'm kinda lokking for some new gear so I'll check it at least. A lot of my buddies swear by Moose for riding XM bikes and quads. never had any of there gear but some i did have some bike accessories. Good chit! I wouls think that Arctiva should be pretty good also.

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